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All Piano Lessons has a very clear mission: providing the best piano lessons for you, no matter if you are a complete beginner or an experienced pianist, if you live in California or in New York!

Learning piano is something almost impossible to do by ourselves. It is not just about "playing notes"... it is a pure complete discovery of the interaction between our body and a musical instrument and a constant development of our aural awareness and music sensitivity. Such an important and beautiful experience can only be lived at his best by receiving good piano classes from a well qualified tutor that will guide you through the immense and fascinating world of piano.

It is proven that playing an instrument develops a wide range of skills and it really improves intelligence. Piano is by many people considered as the king of all musical instruments, as you can basically play anything on it thanks to his poliphonic nature (you can play many notes at the same time) and his wide range of dynamics.

The good thing about learning how to play the piano is that the beginnings are much more rewarding than other instruments. The basics are actually quite intuitive as the production of sound is very straightforward: each key, when pressed, produces a single note. So, by receiving good foundations, students are able to start playing some easy tunes already from the very first lessons.

piano lessons

The learning curve eventually starts getting steeper as the difficulty of the pieces gets higher. This is where passion and dedication come into play. And this is also where having a great tutor is more essential than ever. Visit this page if you need to find a great piano teacher in your area.

Now feel free to visit these pages, where you can find some useful free piano lessons for complete beginners and many information about the fascinating world of piano.

Enjoy our website and please contact us for any information, we will be glad to assist you!


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