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free piano lessons

Learning piano is too much of a vast subject to be covered on a few internet pages. However, here you can find some interesting tools that will come in handy when you will start taking your first piano lessons with a teacher in your area.

Use these pages and you will start to understand the relationships between the written notes and their correspondent keys on the keyboard. Piano is a very "visual" instrument in that sense: each key correspond to a note and, unlike violin or flute, you can produce a sound just by pressing the keys, so it is a very rewarding instrument for a beginner.

Here is what you will find on our free tools sections:

  • If this is the first time you are learning an instrument, you probably don't know how to read music notes. On this page, you will learn how to learn them in only five minutes!
  • Now that you have learned how to read notes on the staff, if have to know which notes you are playing on your piano. Visit this section of the website to start learning, in just two minutes, the notes that correspond to each key on the piano.
  • With our virtual piano tool, you can practice what you just learnt about piano notes in a very fun and practical way! Try it now, as part of our free lessons package! You will see how, in no time, you will master the position of the notes on the keyboard.
  • Another great gift from us is this complete piano key chart. Visit this page and download it now!
  • Would you like to know something more about black keys? This is the section that might interest you.
  • Then, something that you may want to learn at the piano is how to play chords. Why? Because chords are very easy to play on the piano and by learning chords you will get the basics of harmony and you'll start having a complete map of the keyboard.
  • We have also prepared a full piano chord chart ebook for you to download and print, as a point of reference during your daily piano practice. This will be an invaluable tool for your first steps as a pianist and it is the most wanted of our free piano lessons gift!
  • Last but not least, here you can find a series of good tips useful when you start learning piano.


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