How to learn piano notes in just two minutes

It is extremely easy to learn piano notes if we use the right method... and our involves a silly little verse and a very quick visual aid. This page is a very short one, yet you will be able to learn notes on the piano in a just a couple of minutes! don't believe it? Well, I bet you will be able to find the seven notes on the piano by the time you reach the end of this very short page! Ready? Go!

Let's start:

  • Look at the piano keyboard
  • The black keys are the clue...
  • ...because there is always a group of two consecutive ones followed by a group of three... and so on!
  • Now repeat with me the following:

Under TWO KEYS, there's a good nice C!

Piano Keys Piano Notes

Here it is!

  • Now it is pretty easy, you just name the following white keys following the alphabet: C-D-E-F-G.
  • When you reach the G, the alphabet starts again from A...
  • ...and that's it!!!

Did I win my bet? I guess I did!

Remember once again our little sweet poem...

Under TWO KEYS, there's a good nice C!

...and from now on you'll never forget where the piano notes are!

Now that you're an expert you might want to see our complete piano key chart



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