I want to learn music notes in just five minutes!

Do you really want to learn music notes? You don't believe you can do it in five minutes?

Ok! I'll show that it is completely possible to do it so quickly!

Let's not lose time, then...!

The Notes

  • There are seven notes.

  • The notes, in the English system, are called with the letters from A to G.

The Staff

Piano Keys The Staff

  • The staff is made of five lines.

  • Each line is linked to a note.

  • Each space between line and line is linked to a note.

  • This is all you have to know now! Let's go on with...

..the Treble-Clef!

  • Everybody knows the Treble-Clef. It marks the G, which is the note located on the second line. So, basically, start by remembering that if a you see a note written on the second line, that IS a G.

  • Now learn this simple, silly, though magical sentence.

Even Good Boys Do Fail, FACE it!

Treble Clef Notes

  • The order of the initials of the words before the comma in the sentence, is the order of the notes on the lines! E-G-B-D-F!

  • The order of the notes on the spaces is F-A-C-E, as in FACE!

  • Start practising with the virtual piano trainer on this page and you will master the art of reading music quickly while having a lot of fun!

How long did it take? Less than five minutes right?

Congratuliations, you did it! You are reading notes on the score, and that is your first milestone on the long path that will turn you into a pianist! Awesome!!!

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