Norman Lebrecht Interview

It is with great pleasure that we publish this exclusive Norman Lebrecht interview on our pages.

Norman Lebrecht Interview

Norman Lebrecht is one of the most prolific classical music writers and commentators in the world. His books, translated in many languages, are true best-sellers and his blog Slipped Disc is the most followed classical music blog on the Internet.

Norman is a perfect example of how the Internet can an should be used as a great tool of cultural promotion and mass education, which is what we really believe at All Piano Lessons.

We are very honored that Norman Lebrecht decided to give us this special interview, which we share with you with enormous pleasure.

All Piano Lessons: Norman, you have been quite critical with the world of classical music business in your writings. Would you still recommend a young talent pupil that plays an instrument to try to make a living with music?

Norman Lebrecht: I would recommend every young person to develop their talent to the utmost. That said, they should recognise that it has never been harder to make a career in classical music.

APL: Do you see the Internet as a good tool of mass promotion for the world of classical music or do you think that it actually made the whole market worse?

NL: It has immense benefits,when the strategy is right. Witness the success of Valentina Lisitsa.

APL: Recently Krystian Zimerman left the stage in Essen because somebody from the audience was recording his performance with his phone and he explained that YouTube damaged him economically so he doesn't want to be recorded at all. Many musicians, though, owe their career to the popularity they got through YouTube videos. What is your point of view on this matter?

NL: My view is that use of phone cameras should be allowed - selectively, in certain types of concert and always with the artist's consent. It's another way of expanding an artist's community base.

APL: If you were a young concert artist, what kind of direction would you give to your career? In other words, how would you ideally plan your first five years in the classical music business?

NL: Find the right agent. Avoid competitions above the age 18. Start your own festival.

APL: Your expertise is amazing and sometimes I wonder if people with such a vast knowledge still truly enjoy listening to music. If you have to choose to go a concert or buy a recording just for your personal pleasure, what do you choose?

NL: Certain types of music and particular artists have an unfading fascination for me. I am always curious about new music, new artists, new approaches. I never stop listening, or expecting a surprise.

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