Complete Piano Key Chart

The following Piano Key Chart I have made for you, is a complete downloadable reproduction of a real piano keyboard.

As you can see, it is pretty easy to learn which key is linked to each note. However, you can visit this section to learn the basics.

As I always say, even though piano is probably the most difficult instrument to be played at professional level, the beginning is quite easy for the very intuitive nature of the keyboard. Unlike violin, for instance, where you have to search for each and every note by tapping the strings, piano is a very "visual" instrument: each key is connected to a single note and just by pressing it we can produce the related note.

The great thing about piano is that, with this very visual approach, we can produce chords easily and learn through them the basics of harmony. Piano is actually a polyphonic instrument, which means that it is possible to play more than note at once while with violin that is a rather limited thing and it is almost impossible to obtain it with a flute. Those instruments are called "monophonic instruments". Chords are made by playing at least three notes simultaneously. You can visit this page for a brief introduction to piano chords.

You might want, at this point, to take a look at this section of our website that explains the black keys a little better.

And now... here's your piano key chart! I have marked the octaves with different shades of blue so you can perfectly recognize where an octave ends and another one begins!

Click on it if you wish to download an high resolution version of it!

Piano Key Chart


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