Piano Lessons for Beginners

With our Piano Lessons for Beginners you are just about to make your first steps in front of a piano. The path that will turn you into a pianist will be fun and I just ask you to do exactly what I will teach you and to be serious about your daily practice.

Let's start with the first question....

Do you have a piano?


Piano Lessons for Beginners

If you don't already have an acustic piano or a digital piano, my honest advice is to buy or rent a real acustic upright piano to get started with your Piano Lessons for Beginners. A digital piano can be useful at the beginning, only if the keys are weighted well enough to simulate the weight of a real piano. However, a digital piano can never be a subsitute of an acustic one, simply because the way it produces the sound is different, so when we will go more in depth with our Piano Lessons for Beginners, we will talk about sound production and projection and we will necessarily have to work on a real piano.

Renting an upright piano is a good option when you get started. Let me tell you why:

  • It is quite cheap to rent (the average rental is thirty to fifty USD per month...)
  • It is a beautiful piece of forniture!
  • You can stop renting it if you REALLY change your mind about your piano playing.

Now it's time for the next question...

How to become a piano player?

The answer is: practising daily!
Your tutor will follow you step-by-step and he will give you all the material you will need. You will be required to make a serious commitment if you want to see real results.

At the very first beginning, you will barely play something.. don't worry, everybody passed through that phase, which is completely necessary for your brain to start acquiring the right patterns. Day by day you will be learning something new and as weeks pass by, you will be amazed by how easy it will be everything you were finding hard only a few days before.

As the months and the years go by, you will be learning more and more complex pieces and your satisfaction will be great when you'll finally be playing in front of family and friends!

The only thing you have to do is: make your daily practice session steady and honest. Your teacher will never leave you alone, and you will be always given new practising methods and tips! Remember? Ok, let's invent a mantra and say it together:



Good!!! Let's go on!!!

I am ready for my Piano Lessons for Beginners!

That's just great!
This it where we finally find your piano teacher!
Please fill out the following contact form so we can pass your information to a piano teacher in your area, no matter where you live! We have a very large database of piano tutors, chosen by our team of musicians, and we will make sure to find FOR FREE a great one that... will turn you step by step into a PIANIST!

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