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Here's our "Online Faculty":


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Teacher's Interview


What are your qualifications?

- M.A. Piano Pedagogy
- Nationally Certified Teacher of Music in Piano
- Many years teaching, performing, and arranging music


Tell us about your experience as a piano teacher.

I teach all levels and styles of music and have many successful and happy students.  I teach private lessons, partner lessons, and recreational music classes.

Which ages and levels do you teach?

Preschool through adult; all levels.

Tell us a little bit about your current students:

Students range from preschool through adults and learn a wide variety of music according to need and preference.

How much do you charge for your lessons?

Currently, $20 for each 30-minute lesson; $27 for each 45-minute lessons.

Add your personal statement, your teaching philosophy… or anything you think that could describe you as a piano teacher:

Most people come into this world with musical aptitude, ability, and interest.  Without exposure, education, and training, however, the ability to expand on innate aptitude and interest tends to wane or be set aside for more immediate concerns.  Good music teachers understand and encourage students, no matter their ages, stages, or individual learning styles. 
  I strive to make piano lessons interesting and enjoyable whether the student takes lessons "just for fun" or intends to pursue a serious musical education.  Various components of the body - ears, eyes, voice, brain, limbs, and digits - all work together to foster music-making, and lessons need to incorporate activities that develop this synergy.  Lessons incorporate such activities as ear training, theory, history, sight reading, technique, and repertoire review to help students achieve their goals.



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