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Hello and welcome to this page, dedicated to the world of piano lessons in Springdale, Arkansas. Our goal is to deliver the best possible piano teachers around in any area and we are very proud to introduce you to our “online faculty”.

Studying piano is a very rewarding experience and can bring real joy and satisfaction to your life. However it is essential that you find the right teacher to guide you from the very first lessons in order to achieve the best results at the keyboard. That is why we are particularly happy to present you only the best piano tutors in your area.

Read the description, choose your teacher and click on the button (remember their teacher code, you’ll need it later!) to arrange a lesson. We’ll take care of everything and let you know very soon!


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Roberta began taking piano lessons from a concert pianist at the age of six and then began to study with a graduate of the Julliard School of Music. At age eleven she took lessons from the Dean of Music at the local college where she lived, being the only non-college student that the teacher had at that time.

Roberta started giving piano lessons as a high school senior. Although in college she did not major in music, she received a teaching degree. Roberta kept her music for enjoyment, relaxation, an outlet, therapy... and have shared it with many people over the years.

My experiences:

  • Serving as church organist.
  • Teaching music in school K-12.
  • Accompanying choirs, vocal soloists and instrumentalists
  • Teaching piano lessons!

Roberta's goal as a piano teacher is to help the student learn and develop their talent and skill in a way that is fun and enjoyable, so that they can experience, throughout their life, the joy that playing the piano can bring them.


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